Sean Penn Refusing To Work Until Rest Of Cast And Crew Are Vaccinated

Could this become the new norm!

Sean Penn and Julia Roberts have been working on a new TV series called Gaslit, and while the project is in its final weeks of production, Penn is standing his ground on vaccinations among staff.



Sean is reportedly refusing to return to work until the entire cast and crew are vaccinated.



Penn is demanding that all crew in Zone-A, so basically anyone who would be in contact with the actor must get vaccinated.



The Delta variant is currently spreading and case numbers among those unvaccinated prompted Los Angeles County health leaders to reintroduce a mandate requiring compulsory mask-wearing indoors on the weekend.



NBCUniversal sent an email to staff last week explaining that they would be implementing optional vaccination clinics for all staff as the company is not sure if they can legally enforce mandatory vaccinations.



Penn’s healthcare company CORE helped California’s coronavirus testing and vaccine rollout and is also offering to help everyone get a jab.