KOOL ENTERTAINMENT: The Teaser Trailer For Season Two Of “Emily In Paris” Whisks Us Away!

Bon voyage! Your French holiday begins in December!

Although there is a BUNCH of content to enjoy on Netflix, this is one of the TOP shows that was streamed earlier in the pandemic!

“Emily In Paris” was one of the biggest shows of the past year! It was such a hit even within our own office.
Well now that time is basically a flat circle, we’re able to finally show off SEASON TWO’s teaser trailer!

I know. I still think it’s 2019 like every three days or so.

Check out the trailer below:

The trailer takes us to Saint-Tropez and it looks like quite a time will be had by Emily and the gang.

The new season of the show is set to hit Netflix streaming on December 22nd, so an early holiday gift for binge watchers!
Crazy thing? Season One of “Emily In Paris” was streamed by over 58 MILLION different households at it’s PEAK. BONKERS!

Are you excited for the return of “Emily in Paris?”