September was Filled with Public Marriage Proposals

The Emmy's, Christina Aguilera concert, Big Brother AND Jeopardy...

Love has been in the air in September and it was made for all to see.

It all started September 17th during when Director, Glenn Weiss delivered a heartfelt speech on the recent passing of his Mother. Then shocked his soon to be wife and created the biggest moment of the show.

Then on September 25th Christina Aguilera kicked off her Liberation Tour, (see her at Casino Rama Oct 11) during the show Xtina invited “two special people” to join her on stage.

During the Big Brother Season 20 Finale Show on September 26th another shocking proposal.

Wait… There’s still more.

During an episode of Jeopardy on September 27th host Alex Trebek was caught in the middle of another TV proposal.

September was the month of public proposals, but which was better??