Shake Shack Is Coming To Canada

How exciting!

Shake Shack announced that it’s coming to Canada with a flagship location opening in Toronto in 2024!

By 2035, Shake Shack hopes to have 35 location across the country!


There are over 31, 577 fast food vendors In Canada
Almost 30% of Canadians have worked at a fast food joint at some point
Households in Canada spent almost a quarter of their budgets on eating out.

16% of Canadians buy food or snacks from fast food vendors every day.

What are the most popular fast foods?

Tim Hortons is the most popular restaurant in Canada. It is owned by Restaurant Brands Inc. which also includes Burger King. Following Tim Hortons in market share come the Starbucks Corporation and McDonalds.

Nearly half of Canadians (46 per cent) eat burgers at least weekly, according to a 2017 report. 

Since 2004, Shake Shack has opened over 440 locations, the release said. This includes more than 290 in the U.S. and over 150 international locations.