Should The Holiday Season Be Longer?

We'd be even more exhausted! LOL!

According to new research, about half of adults said there’s not enough time in the holiday season to do everything they want to do.

A survey asked 2,000 U.S. adults about how they spend their time during the holiday season and found that 52% try to fit in as many festive activities as possible.

This may be why half of the adults also wish the holiday season lasted longer than it does. While most of these respondents said up to two more weeks would suffice, 41% wouldn’t mind if the holidays went on even longer.

According to respondents, it starts feeling like the holiday season in November, but 35% said the early fall months, September and October, make them feel the excitement of the holidays.

From last-minute shopping to wrapping presents, the holidays can be a lot to keep up with, leaving 40% struggling to keep themselves energized during the season.

On average, people put 30 hours of work into holiday chores like planning, wrapping presents or shovelling snow.

Well over half of the people agree that keeping up with the holiday season takes a lot of energy, and another 60% shared they’re busier during the holiday season than the rest of the year.

To get them through the holidays, half of the adults depend on caffeine. (With Bailey’s)


  1. Eating/drinking holiday treats – 72%
  2. Shopping for presents for loved ones – 70%
  3. Watching seasonal movies – 65%
  4. Decorating the home – 61%
  5. Baking goods with loved ones – 53%