Signs Of A Good Neighbour!

Do you have awesome neighbours?

Taking the trash to the curb, accepting deliveries, and keeping an eye on the property when owners are away are all signs of a good neighbour!


A study of 2,000 adults revealed watering plants and giving advance warning of a party are among the top 30 signs next-door is decent.


It emerged 77 per cent believe their street has some good neighbours, while a confident 92 per cent feel they are personally a great person to live next to. One in five believe the pandemic helped bring them closer to their neighbours.


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The study, carried out via OnePoll, also showed neighbours socialize together by enjoying drinks at home, barbecues, street parties and exercising together.


Proving how trusting we are of neighbours, more than a third would leave a spare key to their home with them and 26 per cent would ask them to pet-sit.




1.            Accepts deliveries

2.            Keeps an eye on your home when you’re away / on holiday

3.            Takes bins in for neighbours

4.            Warns you before they have a party

5.            Checks in on elderly or poorly neighbours

6.            Waters plants when you’re away

7.            Throws a football back over the fence if it’s been kicked over

8.            Offers to go halves on a new fence between the two gardens

9.            Feeds pets when you’re on holiday e.g. the cat, the rabbit

10.          Recommends tradespeople to you

11.          Picks up litter out the front

12.          Gives a heads-up to others if they’re having lots of guests over

13.          Lends you larger items e.g. jet wash, tyre pump

14.          Invites you around

15.          Offers to give you lifts

16.          Always offers to lend you small items you don’t have e.g. milk, cooking ingredients

17.          Allows you to park on or over their driveway

18.          Listens to you if you’re opening up to them

19.          Helps you take shopping in when they can see you’ve got lots of bags

20.          Offers to mow the lawn when doing theirs

21.          Offers to help with DIY

22.          Brings you leftover baked goods / meals

23.          Helps direct you when parking e.g. on a driveway, parallel parking

24.          Offers to walk your dog when they’re walking theirs

25.          Offers to help with car maintenance

26.          Shares doing the school run

27.          Gives you old kids’ clothes/toys

28.          Lets you use a space in their home/garden to work

29.          Washes your car if they’re washing theirs

30.          Babysits