Smells Like Friendship!

You smell good!

Have you ever met someone who you just clicked with right away? And became good friends?

Your nose may be your matchmaker!

Research suggests that people whose natural body odours are chemically similar are more likely to “click” and form fast friendships.

20 same-sex pairs of friends between the ages of 22 and 39, who’d reported clicking right away, were recruited for this study.

They were then given unscented soap and a cotton T-shirt to sleep in and told to avoid any “scent-influencing foods” such as garlic, asparagus or curry.

Odours and chemicals from the shirts they wore were extracted and analyzed. It appears that the outcomes matched the pairs of friends.

Still, experts say walking up to strangers on the street for a sniff, may not lead to a lasting friendship. But may lead to a punch in the nose…