‘Smudge’ the Viral Sensation Cat is Canadian

He doesn't like salad

Chances are in one form or another you have seen this image recently.

They’ve both been used as reaction meme’s, but together as one they have become one of the most popular jokes online.

The left side of the image is from a 2011 episode of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.’

On the right is Smudge the cat. He’s from Ottawa and has a tremendous following of 1.2 million followers on his Instagram. (Yes, pets have social media)


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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! 🍁🍗

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Smudge always sits at the kitchen table to dine and so he should, he has more followers on social media than all of us combined!

On the particular day of the above shot, Smudge had taken the seat from somebody else who was about to eat a salad. Guess what? Smudge eats meat, not salad. The disdain for the greenery was written all over Smudge’s face and has become an internet phenomenon.

Smudge recently had Nachos and felt the same way about it.

The popularity of Smudge however is not lost on his owners, they even sell Smudge the Cat merchandise.

Safe to say, Smudge is living the good life. (I wonder if he uses the toilet?)


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Just one piece, they won’t notice 🍖

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