6 In Ten People Say That Hitting The Snooze Button Helps Them Have A Better Relationship With Their Partner!

Hitting the snooze button doesn’t make you lazy, but instead may be crucial to your social life, suggests new research.

In a poll of 2,000 adults, about one-quarter typically snooze their alarms because it helps their relationships with family, friends and co-workers. Six in 10 claims getting more sleep helps them have a better relationship with their partner.


Furthermore, 71% said the amount of sleep they get directly impacts their social health. The average person sets four different alarms to wake up on a normal day. About one in 10 of those surveyed don’t set an alarm.


The study also found that those who hit snooze on their alarms don’t typically eat breakfast. The study also found that a midweek slump is worse than a case of Mondays.  The research found that we hit snooze on Wednesday the most.


Overall, 72% of respondents hit snooze between one and four Two-thirds admitted that snoozing their alarm is part of their morning routine. 81% said the amount of sleep they get directly correlates with their physical health. About 72% said the same about their mental health.


To stay in bed a little longer, respondents said they would hypothetically give up eating breakfast, taking a shower and brushing their teeth. People are willing to give up a lot just for a few extra minutes of sleep.


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  • Never use a spoon or knife to eat again – 33%
  • Give up their favourite streaming service for a year – 30%
  • Wear their most uncomfortable shoes for a week – 29%
  • Eat the same food for dinner every day – 28%
  • Never go to a concert or sporting event again – 28%
  • Sleep on the floor for a month – 24%