Social Media Unrealistically Portrays Motherhood

No kidding!

According to new research, the average mother feels like a “bad mom” 156 times a year…(More if you have teenagers, LOL)

The survey looked at moms’ experiences after having children and found that about a third feel that they are a “bad mom” sometimes.

65% of moms use social media while 26% don’t. And of those who do-they are more than four times as likely to feel like a bad parent. 

More than three-quarters agree that social media puts pressure on moms to look or act a certain way and a similar percentage said that society has too many expectations of what a mother should be.

83% of moms who are on social media will watch “momfluencers.” 65% of moms who watch this content feel more insecure afterwards.

 The survey found that when seeing other moms on TV or social media, respondents feel pressured to add things to their daily routines, such as exercising, cooking and waking up early.

Thinking back to their early days of motherhood, 53% admit they compared themselves to other moms within the first year. 

Those who use social media are four times more likely to have experienced this than moms who don’t.

Moms remember feeling unconfident about their role like whether or not they were meeting their child’s needs or being a good parent.

They also felt insecure about their body internally (18%) and externally (31%).  So basically moms are a mess!