Social Status Is As Important As Breathing According To One Author!

Why social status is as important as shelter, food, and water

According to the author of “The Status Game: On Social Position and How We Use It” by William Collins, your social status affects physical and mental health!


It’s almost a way of survival, we need food, shelter, and Facebook apparently.  The desire to earn respect from our fellow humans appears to be a product of evolution, says the author.


According to the author, “Back in the Stone Age, increased status meant access to better mates, more food, and greater safety for ourselves and our offspring.” 


“It still does today. So we’re driven to seek connection and rank: to be accepted into groups and win status within them. This is the game of human life.” 


There are lots of ways to signal status.  From proving health, wealth, and confidence to name a few. And having a good status or a lot of followers could help you live longer!


One study found that the higher someone climbed in the UK Civil Service, the better their health and mortality outcomes — even considering other factors, such as monetary wealth and smoking.


Even if you’re not big on social media, you’ll be judged for it and that too, may up your status!