Some of People’s Biggest Wedding Regrets!

I do, or maybe I don't!

Many couples who did the wedding thing have wedding regrets, like wishing they hadn’t invited a certain person or making the budget smaller. USA Today surveyed 2,000 Americans who got married between 2021 to 2024 to find out some of the top wedding regrets people share as well as other wedding insights like cost.

Biggest Wedding Regrets

When it came down to it, over half of our respondents (52%) said they spent less than $10,000 on their wedding. 86% said they don’t regret the cost of their wedding, but when we asked what specific regrets couples had, 10% said the total cost was their biggest regret.

Other than the cost, the biggest wedding regrets of those surveyed were scheduling (feeling rushed and/or not having enough time to do everything they wanted), the guestlist (both the size and those invited), and the vendors they chose.

About 20% shared they got cold feet before their big day and even considered cancelling the wedding. 42% enjoyed their honeymoon more than their bachelor party, whereas 34% said they enjoyed their bachelor party more. Overall, 51% of those surveyed didn’t have a bachelor party at all.

In their survey, 15% of couples said wedding planning was the biggest challenge of all. When asked how long the entire planning process took them, 40% shared that they did all of their wedding planning in less than four months, and 20% said it took them four to six months. Another 24% planned their wedding in 7 to 12 months, while only 17% took longer than this.