What’s your favourite pasta noodle?

There are around 350 different types of pasta, but some people out there still can’t find a single one that meets all of their needs.  So if you haven’t heard about this, a guy named Dan Pashman runs a food podcast called “The Sporkful”, and he decided to create the “perfect” pasta.


He spent three years researching.  He interviewed experts and went to a place called the Pasta Lab at North Dakota State University where they develop new types of noodles.  And after all of that, he came up with a shape he says is perfect.


It’s called cascatelli, which means “waterfalls” in Italian.  The pasta pieces almost look like rainbows, with a lot of hollow space on top to hold the sauce.

Dan set three big criteria for the perfect pasta:  How easy it is to get it on your fork, how well it holds sauce, and how satisfying it is when you bite into it.  And cascatelli was the best noodle for all three.


Now a company called Sfoglini is selling the pasta, but there’s a 12-week waiting list if you want to get your hands on it.