Spenders or Savers? Research Reveals Who Has A Happier Life!

There might be something to retail therapy!

A new study suggests ‘spenders’ are happier with their life, but ‘savers’ are wiser.  What happens if you’re both?

The poll of 2,000 shoppers found that 56% of adults consider themselves to be “spenders” — splurging for things they want, while 34% identified themselves as “savers” who won’t shop until what they want goes on sale or becomes a necessity. Meanwhile, 10% didn’t claim to be either kind of shopper.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, spenders were found to spend more money on non-essential items during any given week by nearly double what savers spend ($621, compared to $348).

Compared to savers, spenders were also found to be happier with their relationships (78% and 63%, respectively), work-life (78% and 57%, respectively) and personal life (77% and 71%, respectively). Interestingly, spenders were also happier with their financial lives than savers (73% and 56%, respectively).

But savers might have the upper hand when it comes to managing their money — only 29% of their total annual income is used on miscellaneous purchases, while spenders are using up 38% of their income.


  • How long it will last – 61%
  • How often it will be used – 57%
  • Am I getting the best price/deal – 55%
  • What warranties it comes with – 52%
  • What it will be used for – 45%
  • How necessary it is right now – 32%
  • Financing or pay-over-time options – 30%
  • How it will impact my budget – 30%
  • If it will improve my lifestyle/livelihood – 26%
  • If it will improve my health – 20%
  • How often it goes on sale – 18%