Spirit Halloween: The Movie Coming Out Soon!

This looks super fun!

And there’s finally a trailer for “Spirit Halloween: The Movie” with Christopher Lloyd. Yes, it’s based on the Halloween retail store chain. It’s expected to come out on-demand this fall.

Rachel Leigh Cook also stars in the film inspired by Spirit Halloween stores.

The popular Halloween Pop-Up store that opened up in Barrie on Bayfield Street in late August for the last few years is getting its own movie.

It seems that plastic knives and questionable Cher wigs aren’t the only horrors found within a Spirit Halloween store.

According to the synopsis, a group of kids hide inside a Spirit Halloween store until it closes with the hopes of enjoying a night of mischief and adventure. Unfortunately for them, the store is also inhabited by an “angry evil spirit” Christopher Llyod who possesses everything inside the store — including some creepy characters — and doesn’t seem to enjoy the kids’ company.

The movie will be available on Demand on October 11th!