Over Half Of Dog and Cat Owners Say That They Spoil Their Pets

I'm going back as a dog in my next life!

Whether they get extra treats or belly rubs, a new toy, long walks or a delicious home-cooked meal, it’s clear that pets have their owners wrapped around their paws.


A recent survey found that two out of three pet owners wish that they could be their dog or cat for a day, as over half say that they spoil their pets.


When asked what they would do if they were their pets for a day, respondents said they would spend their time doing the zoomies and playing outside until they’re exhausted, sleep the day away or simply get cozy and relax in their favourite spot.


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The study revealed pets might be the ones who control humans and their routines, especially in the homes of younger generations.


Six in 10 millennial and Gen Z respondents in their 20s said they spoil their pets to no end — celebrating everything from birthdays, Gotcha Days, new toys or an extra treat for simply being adorable. Four in five of the same generation also said they’d like to live a day in their pets’ paws.


We love our pets so much that we will make meals for them from scratch!




Poultry – 66%

Red Meat – 62%

Seafood – 58%

Vegetables – 37%