Spring Fever Is In The Air! And Here’s Why!

Got a lot of pent-up energy lately?

Are you feeling a lot hornier lately?  Not to worry, because you’re not the only one feeling a wave of Spring thirst.

A sex and relationship expert explains the reason why people are looking to quench their thirst!

She explains that as the ‘cuffing season’ ends, outcomes April thirsts.

This is essentially the complete opposite of cuffing season. Instead of wanting to settle down and cozy up with a new partner, people want to get out there and explore new relations.

The start of spring and the beginnings of sunshine that it brings naturally puts everyone in a better mood – mentally as people can get outside and do things they enjoy, but also physically as the Vitamin D hits our bodies and our serotonin levels are topped up.

The longer days coupled with this newly boosted mood, can combine to make us want to get out there in a big way. The lingering after-effects of the pandemic should also be taken into consideration!

This same reason could explain why people are feeling hornier at this time of year.

As sexual wellness is linked to general well-being, and happy people make horny people. After a couple of years of being locked up, the urge to get outside, meet new people, and have new sexual experiences in spring is even more relevant now than ever.

Some people do think that the reason we might feel randy in the springtime is because we’ve got some some primal, animalistic urge to go forth and multiply like the birds and the bees do.

Also, after shedding our winter layers, we’re showing more skin and less clothing makes people think of no clothes…