Stabler from SVU Strips For Peloton?

The Law and Order actor took #nationalnudeday to a whole nother level!

Detective Stabler from SVU, aka Christopher Meloni went VIRAL yesterday and you wouldn’t BELIEVE why!

The Law And Order actor celebrated #nationalnudeday with a HILARIOUS ad for Peloton’s fitness app.

The ad opens with Meloni working out, saying people think the way he works out is strange…

Panning out to reveal that he’s naked (but pixelated obviously).

A montage of Meloni exercising in various ways then proceeds, and it’s GOLD.

Check it out below:

The ad was created by Ryan Reynold’s company, Maximum Effort. Clearly someone on their staff did the research, because it’s TRUE Meloni works out in the BUFF!

Detective Stabler: solving crimes and pumping iron… not both nude thankfully!