Starbucks Is Changing Up The Ice In Its Drinks

It will no longer be cubed shape

Cold drinks at Starbucks are about to look a bit different.

The famous coffee house announced it would begin changing the ice it puts in signature drinks as part of a multi-year plan beginning this year.

A statement from the company explains that they are introducing new machines that make nugget ice to select stores this year.”

 “Customers who have tried the nugget ice in our hand-crafted iced beverages during testing had a resoundingly positive response.”

Not all stores will get the nugget ice this year as Starbucks will initially target locations that sell a large volume of cold drinks.

Some Reddit users started a thread to speculate how the newly shaped ice would work in the classic drinks. Many were excited about the nuggets but a handful worried they’d melt quicker than the old ice.

Starbucks has claimed tests were done on the new ice and it did not melt any faster than the current ice.