Starbucks Is Testing A Borrow A Cup Program With Reusable Cups

The program is running trials in the US for two months

A “Borrow A Cup” program will let customers order their java in a reusable cup for a $1 deposit.



The coffee giant had to suspend its bring-your-own cup policy during the pandemic.  While it’s still suspended in other countries and regions, parts of the US are starting to ease restrictions.  Customers are still not allowed to bring their own cups into stores.



Here’s how this is going to work!

The two-month program will run at five stores in Seattle through May 31 letting customers order a hot or cold beverage in a reusable cup. Once they finish, customers can scan back cups at one of the participating shop’s contactless return kiosks and a  $1 credit and 10 Bonus Stars will be awarded via Starbucks Rewards account to anyone who returns the cups.



The chain says one reusable cup replaces 30 disposable ones, explaining the effort is part of its ongoing plan to cut waste by 50% by 2030