STEVE BURNS, The O.G. Host Of “Blues Clues”, Made A Video For His Grown-Up Fans

"Look how much you've accomplished"

Blue’s Clues is a quarter of a century old (that’s right, it started on Sept. 8, 1996), and to mark the occasion, Steve — the original host of the show’s first four seasons — is back with a message for you. Yes, you!

He addressed his exit in 2002 and said, “I guess I just wanted to say that after all these years I never forgot you . . . ever.”

Watch the video in the tweet from Nick Jr. below!



Steve (who was played by Steve Burns) departed the beloved Nick Jr. program (about a blue puppy, named Blue, who leaves clues) in a 2002 episode, “Steve Went to College,” handing off hosting duties to his brother, Joe.


And to further hit you in the feels, over the summer, Nickelodeon greenlit a new Blue’s Clues movie, Blue’s Clues & You!