Struggling To Open A Jar Could Lead To An Early Death

Here’s what might indicate more serious health issues

Do you have to ask someone else to open that jar of sauce or pickles? 

If so, new research out of Austria reports weak handgrip strength may signal more serious health issues.

Researchers say muscle strength has been a fairly accurate indicator of mortality for years. Meanwhile, prior studies have associated weak handgrip strength specifically (even among younger adults) with heart problems, lung issues, and a lower life expectancy.

Now, scientists from the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis report measuring handgrip strength is a quick and inexpensive means of assessing overall muscle strength.

The team set out to ascertain exactly what level of handgrip weakness should prompt concern from a doctor. Their work established standardized thresholds directly linking handgrip strength with remaining life expectancy. In theory, this provides doctors with another means of identifying patients with an increased risk of early death.

The researchers determined that even a slightly weak grip could be a bad sign…

The study found that a handgrip strength just slightly below the average of a comparable population (taking into account a person’s sex, age, and body height) “is indicative of health conditions leading to an earlier death.”

So The Stronger The Grip, the better off you’ll be?  Not always. 

The relationship between handgrip strength and mortality may not work both ways. A stronger handgrip in comparison to others of the same age, sex, and body height did not appear to reduce mortality risk.

Researchers say that measuring the strength of a person’s hand grip is a very precise and sensitive tool to measure underlying health conditions, so it will make for a good screen tool.

A healthy lifestyle and exercise are still the best approaches to sustain good health or improve it in the long term…