Study Finds That Billie Eilish And Harry Styles Know A Lot Of Words

Singers with the biggest Vocabularies…

Wordtips’ list of modern pop stars who have the most amount of unique words in their songs says that Eilish and Styles are at the top this time around for use of eccentric terms in their lyrics.



Based on a scale of 1000, Billie tops the list with 169 distinctive words per 1000, while Styles is second with 159, and Lizzo comes up third with 153.

At the other end of the modern lyrical spectrum, Meghan Trainor, and Carly Rae Jepsen, came in at the bottom of the list with 72, and 69 unique words per 1000 respectively.



Wordtips’ analysis also includes the most notable lyricists ever; their “greatest artists of all time” file includes singers Patti Smith with 217 unique words per 1000, Joni Mitchell with 199, Björk with 197, and The Doors’ Jim Morrison with 177.