Study Finds that ‘New Car Smell’ Can Increase Your Risk of Cancer

One of life's little pleasure can kill you!

Everyone loves that ‘new car smell,’ but it could be bad for your health.

Scientists at Harvard University and the Beijing Institute of Technology conducted their research in real-world settings and conditions rather than in a laboratory.

They looked at the air in new cars that were left parked outside for 12 days straight and used sensors to monitor 20 commonly produced chemicals.

Researchers discovered chemical levels that exceeded China’s national safety standard for air quality in cars.

Formaldehyde, a known cancer-causing compound, surpassed standards by 35%. Another dangerous carcinogen, acetaldehyde, was 61% higher than the standard.

Spending just 30 minutes daily in a car can expose a person to enough of these carcinogens to put them at risk of exceeding safety standards, the authors found. Warmer weather also increases the levels of chemicals.