Summer Colds Are Worse And Here’s Why!

Got the sniffles?

Like almost everything else lately, you can blame it on the pandemic!


When COVID-19 pandemic restrictions were in full force, flu and cold viruses stopped spreading as the majority of people were wearing masks, were socially distancing, and avoided crowded spaces.  


Now that those restrictions have been lifted, masks are off and hugs and handshakes are back. Doctors say it’s no surprise that run-of-the-mill viruses causing coughs and congestion are making a resurgence.


The easing of social distancing and resumption of crowded gatherings has led to a rise in cold cases usually seen during the fall and winter months.


One way to protect yourself from catching a summer cold is to continue practicing good hand washing and sanitizing. Also keep your distance from others, especially in crowded spaces. If you do feel sick, stay home to prevent exposing others.