Sunny D Vodka Seltzer Is Now A Thing!

You loved it as a kid, now enjoy as an adult!

With 95 Calories, 0g of sugar and 4.5% alcohol vodka

Adults will soon be able to enjoy their childhood beverage now spiked with vodka! 

The new seltzer contains real fruit juice, sparkling water, a natural orange flavour, and vodka. Each can contain 95 calories and zero grams of sugar-this drink will get you drunk but make you less hyper!

“We took your favourite legendary orange flavour and added vodka to create a delightful drinking experience that tastes like you’re sipping on sunshine,” the packaging reads.

On TikTok, one user described the spiked SunnyD as tasting similar to a Mimosa!

No actual release date for Canada, but no doubt when and if it hit shelves here, it will be a fun summer treat!

Just don’t let the kids near it!