T-Mobile Will Buy Ryan Reynolds’ Mint Mobile in a $1.35 billion Deal

That's quite the payday!

Now he’ll have enough capital to buy the Ottawa Senators! 

Mint Mobile is being sold to T-Mobile for $1.35 billion. Ryan Reynolds is a 25% stakeholder, so he’ll make a ton off the deal . . . although it’s not clear exactly how much. And he’s staying on as a spokesman for the company.

Reynolds, who purchased a minority ownership stake in Mint Mobile in 2019, will stay on in his “creative role on behalf of Mint,” where he serves as a spokesperson, according to a press release announcing the deal.

When Reynolds bought a stake in Mint, he called the decision “a bit unconventional” in a statement at the time. “Celebrities generally invest in high-end products like skincare brands or delicious gin companies,” he said.

Mint Mobile was created in 2016 to deliver an “affordable, premium wireless” service direct to consumers, according to its website. In his 2019 statement, Reynolds said he was “excited to champion a more practical approach to the most essential technology.”

A giant payday is coming for Ryan Reynolds, which he’ll need after the birth of his fourth daughter!