Taco Bells Warns People Of A Wrap Shortage

Its The “Tortillapocalypse”

Taco Bell has confirmed that they are facing a wrap shortage in some restaurants!  ( Insert dramatic music )

There is a warehouse shortage of its 10inch tortillas, affecting burritos, quesadillas, quesaritos, grillers and more.

In a statement provided to Fox News Taco Bell confirmed a problem with their supplier but would not confirm the number of Taco Bells which were lacking.

One Reddit post claims to show a notice in a store which says: ‘Due to national outage of our flour tortilla shell (wraps) we are temporarily unable to sell the following menu items: Burritos (all), Quesadilla.’

The company says its working to resolve the issue by end of July… Until then- be warned!  When you hit your local Taco Bell late at night and really want a burritos, you may leave disappointed. 

Currently this shortage is affecting stores in the US- no word on if there is an issue here!