Taking Zinc Might Be Pointless

Eat more red meat!

New research has found that taking zinc may help shorten the length of a person’s cold by about two days — but the evidence isn’t definitive and it may not be worth the side effects.

A healthy diet can easily provide enough zinc, which is found in foods such as red meat, cashews and oysters.

Zinc plays a key role in supporting our immune system, with research suggesting it may interfere with the binding and replication of viruses involved in colds.

But, a new analysis of 34 studies just published found that taking it may make little to no difference in preventing or treating a cold…

There are side effects to taking zinc…Those who took zinc for their cold reported side effects such as an unpleasant taste, nausea and bowel problems — nothing too severe.

Study authors note that more research needs to be done on zinc before they can for sure say- it’s useless…