Taylor Swift Announces Red (Taylor’s Version) Will Be Out A Week Early

Swifties rejoice!

Taylor Swift has just announced that the rerecorded version of her album Red, which was originally released October 2012, will be coming out a week earlier than planned.

Red (Taylor’s Version) will now be out November 13th. Taylor wrote “Got some news that I think you’re gonna like – My version of Red will be out a week earlier than scheduled (including the 4 disc vinyl) on November 12th ! Can’t wait to celebrate the 13th with you and our new/old autumn heartbreak album.”


The new version of Red will include guests artists Chris Stapleton, Phoebe Bridgers, Mark Foster and Ed Sheeran. Along with the original lineup of songs, Swift is rerecording songs she wrote for the original album but that didn’t make it on the album.

Swift Wants Control Of Her Master Recordings

The master recordings of Taylor Swifts first 6 albums became the property of Scooter Braun in 2019. He bought the label Big Machine and the masters were part of the deal.  Swift wrote on social media that she has been trying to buy her master recordings from Big Machine for years but that the label had offered unfavorable conditions. The label disputes this.

Owning the master recording of a song gives someone the right to make, sell, or distribute copies. The owner of the master must give permission and be paid when a song is used, for example, in a commercial or TV show.

Taylor is rerecording her album to have full control of her music. She still retains her rights as song writer for all her recordings even if she doesn’t own the master recordings.

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