Taylor Swift’s Music Is Being Boycotted in New York This Week!

Big game this weekend!

The Buffalo Bills are preparing for their next game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, but the Bills Mafia is also taking some steps to get ready for this game. 

Previously, fans in Philadelphia and Green Bay took precautions when it came to listening to Taylor Swift leading up to their team’s big game against Kansas City, and it seemed to work out for them. 

Even some radio stations got on board with the whole thing. In Philly, a radio station chose to play a bunch of Taylor Swift songs ahead of their game on November 20 to reclaim Taylor as a Philadelphia fan. 

(If you don’t know, Taylor is from West Reading, PA – which means her hometown team is the Philadelphia Eagles.)

In Green Bay, some radio stations stopped playing the singer’s hits until after the game was over, and it seemed to work out for them as well. 

Lately, we have seen Taylor Swift supporting Travis Kelce, her boyfriend, in Kansas City gear. And it looks like she’s been a good luck charm for him. 

After only playing half the season, the numbers reflected that Travis Kelce more than doubled his receiving yards when Taylor Swift was in attendance.

So…does that mean we should stay away from Taylor’s music? Even though she is the biggest artist in the world right now with the most number-one albums by a woman in history and several other notable records.  

Taylor’s music is popular across the globe for a reason: it is meant to uplift and elevate. So instead of boycotting, using Taylor Swift’s music to keep spirits up ahead of the game which is a much-needed win could be beneficial! And perhaps Toronto Maple Leaf Fans should start listening before a big game!

5 great Taylor songs to listen to this week!

Ready for It

End Game

Long Live


Out of the Woods