The 3-Month Dating Rule Is Very Real!

Here are the reasons why so many relationships only last that long

Experts say there’s a good explanation to why things tend to fizzle for so many, around the 90-day mark.

The “Honeymoon Phase” is always fun and exciting- but why doesn’t it last most of the time?

According to a relationship expert, three months is the timeframe to allow you to see a rough outline of who the person is…

It helps you see if this person is someone who plays games, has red flags, or genuinely wants a relationship.

Three months is more than just a relationship benchmark, too — according to research, it also happens to be about the average amount of time it takes for men and women to fall in love.

On average, men considered confessing love 69 days into a relationship, while women didn’t think about it until 77 days in, a study published in the SAGE Journal of Social and Personal Relationships revealed.

Men tended to wait an average of 107 days to say “I love you,” while women waited 122 days.