You max yourself out at five neighbour greetings!

There are three kinds of people:  Those who go out of their way to greet their neighbours, those who go out of their way to avoid their neighbours, and those who haven’t left their house since 2020.

A new poll has found that the average adult greets about five neighbours a day.  And greeting neighbours is connected to a higher sense of well-being.  So you get more out of it than just being friendly.

The average person’s well-being “steadily increased” for each neighbour they greeted per day, up to six.  After that, there wasn’t any added benefit.  (So feel free to keep to yourself after meeting your quota of six.)

Old folks are more interactive than younger adults.  Adults under 30 say hello to an average of 2.9 neighbours, while older adults, 65 and up, greet an average of 6.5 neighbours.   Only 14% of young adults greet six neighbours a day, while 41% of seniors do.