The Average Homeowners Are Willing To Pay This Much On Home Renovations!

The price we pay!

The average homeowner is willing to shell out $42,000 to give their home a facelift, according to new research.

A survey of 2000 homeowners looked at how people feel about their homes and found that almost 70% agree that their home could use an overhaul!

The survey found that six in 10 homeowners have a specific vision of how they want their home to look, feel and function, and most of those respondents are motivated to make changes to their home to achieve that vision.

Most respondents are seeking a farmhouse-style home, opting for a simple design with rustic charm.  Becoming more popular is a ranch house style featuring a single story and patio!

Other things people would like to update include creating more open space, finding a way to let more natural sunlight in and changing the shape/size of their windows… And to achieve this, people are willing to spend almost 50 grand.


  1. Flooring/carpet – 35%
  2. Paint/wallpaper – 33%
  3. Lighting fixtures – 27%
  4. Windows – 25%
  5. Appliances – 23%