The Average Person Begins To Notice Signs Of Aging At This Age

You're as young as you feel.

The average person will begin to notice the signs of aging at 42.

There is 15% out there that notice before the age of 35. We call them parents, LOL!

A survey asked Gen Z, Millennials, Gen-X and baby boomers about how they felt about aging and it was revealed that most believe they were at their peak health at the age of 34.

While respondents start noticing they need to make changes to their health and wellness routines around the age of 39, 21% admit they’re currently in denial about their body aging.

Another 30% of respondents admit they used to be in denial, but they’ve since accepted it.

Of those respondents, 61% put off making necessary routine changes for three to six years, while 29% put it off for up to two years.  This means, we notice that we’re aging around 42 and by 50, we do something about it.

Signs of aging include:

Joint pain
The Onset of Chromic Conditions like high blood pressure
Slow metabolism
Weight gain

Because of these changes, people are making adjustments to their health and wellness routines.

People are taking vitamins, changing the types of food they eat and drinking less alcohol.  Millennials are adjusting their routine more so than any other generation.

Millennials were also the most likely generation to practice meditation or mindfulness, especially when compared to baby boomers.

The survey reveals that about 30% struggle with the idea of aging, with almost two-thirds (64%) agreeing that they struggle with their body not only not looking like it used to, but also not feeling the same either.