The Best Beach Hacks!

It's beach season in Simcoe County!

As a parent, going to the beach with kids can be both exciting and challenging and sometimes; not worth it, LOL!

Here are some beach hacks to make your beach trip more enjoyable and stress-free:

1. Pack a mesh bag: Use a mesh bag to carry your beach essentials. It allows sand to fall through, so you won’t have to deal with excessive sand in your bag.

2. Bring baby powder: Baby powder is excellent for getting rid of sand. Sprinkle it on your kids’ feet and hands, and the sand will easily brush off.

3. Use a fitted sheet as a sand-free zone: Bring along a fitted sheet and place heavy items like coolers or bags at the corners. This creates a sand-free zone for your little ones to play.

4. Freeze water bottles: Freeze some water bottles overnight and pack them in your cooler. They will keep your snacks and drinks cold and gradually melt, providing refreshing hydration throughout the day.

5. Use a pop-up tent: Set up a pop-up tent or beach umbrella to provide shade and protect your family from the sun. It can also serve as a designated rest area for naps or a sheltered spot for diaper changes. *BEFORE YOU GO: double check that the beach you are visiting allows for pop-up tents.

6. Pack baby powder-free sunscreen: Look for sunscreen brands that do not contain talc, as the powder can make sand stick to the skin. Opt for a baby powder-free sunscreen to avoid sand-related discomfort.

7. Bring extra towels: Pack more towels than you think you’ll need. You’ll appreciate having extra towels for drying off, sitting on, or creating makeshift pillows for napping.

8. Use a waterproof phone pouch: Keep your phone protected from water, sand, and sunscreen by using a waterproof phone pouch. It allows you to take photos, use apps, or make calls without worrying about water damage.

9. Use ziplock bags: Pack small items such as keys, wallets, or first aid supplies in ziplock bags to keep them dry and sand-free.

10. Create a sand-free changing station: Use a large, waterproof bag or a foldable changing mat to create a sand-free changing station for diaper changes. This prevents sand from getting into diapers or clothes.

11. Pack baby wipes: Baby wipes are versatile and handy for cleaning sandy hands, faces, and toys. They can also be used for quick cleanups before snacking or changing diapers.

12. Bring extra clothes: Pack spare clothes for both you and your kids. It’s always helpful to have dry clothes to change into after a day at the beach.

Remember, safety is paramount at the beach. Keep a close eye on your children, apply sunscreen regularly, and ensure they stay hydrated throughout the day. Enjoy your beach trip with your family!