The Best Sitcom Hangouts According To Buzzfeed

Why couldn't our hangouts be this cool?

The Peach Pit from “Beverly Hills, 90210” tops a list on Buzzfeed of the best sitcom hangouts, even though it’s not really a sitcom. 

It’s followed by Pop’s from “Riverdale” and Cheers from” Cheers”.

Fictional friend gangs get some of the coolest places to hang out. While in real life, you usually meet friends at someone’s house or bar/restaurant, sitcoms explore all different possibilities.

Other fun hangouts from sitcoms include:

The Cheesecake Factory- The Big Bang Theory!

Shaw’s Bar- Brooklyn Nine-Nine

MacLaren’s Pub- How I Met Your Mother!

The Max- Saved by the Bell!

Monk’s Cafe- Seinfeld!

Central Perk- Friends!

Luke’s Diner-Gilmore Girls!

The Peacock Stop- Fresh Prince!