The Best Sitcoms Of All Time

'Rolling Stone' just named 'The Simpsons' the BEST sitcom EVER!

‘Rolling Stone’ put out another one of their epic lists, this time honouring TV shows! 


They defined a sitcom as “a consistent group of characters and settings” …and considered both how funny they were, and also how much they influenced other shows.


They eliminated sketch shows like “SNL”, hour-long comedy-dramas like “Freaks and Geeks”.  And even some shorter shows like “The Wonder Years” were cut for being too dramatic.

Here’s the Top 10:


1.  “The Simpsons”, Fox, 1989-Present

2.  “Cheers”, NBC, 1982-1993

3.  “Seinfeld”, NBC, 1989-1998

4.  “I Love Lucy”, CBS, 1951-1957

5.  “All in the Family”, CBS, 1971-1979

6.  “M*A*S*H”, CBS, 1972-1983

“The Mary Tyler Moore Show”, CBS, 1970-1977

8.  “The Honeymooners”, CBS, 1955-1956

9.  “Parks and Recreation”, NBC, 2009-2015

10.  “The Larry Sanders Show”, HBO, 1992-1998