The Canadian Slang Hated The Most!

We're Canadian "Eh!"

A new study by Canadian Casino reveals the most and least popular Canadian slang. 

The study researched popular terms in the Urban Dictionary and recorded the percentage of likes and dislikes each word received, using this to rank the words from most loved to most hated. 

  • Hydro, a term used to refer to electricity, ranks as the most disliked Canadian slang word with 67.2% thumbs-down votes on Urban Dictionary
  • ‘Lineup’ is the second least popular with 45.3% negative reactions, and is simply another word for ‘queue’.
  • ‘Eh?’ is officially the most loved Canadian slang, with 100% thumbs-up votes on Urban Dictionary 

Other unpopular slang include ‘hang a Roger’ and ‘lineup.’


3Hang a RogerTo make a right turn41.7%
4MickeyHip-flask-sized bottle of liquor38.2%
5Rink RatA person who spends most of their time at the skating rink35.6%
6DingedTo be fined money31.9%
7NewfieAnyone from Newfoundland30.7%
8Gong showA situation or event that is a disaster or gets way too out of control29.4%
10Fill yer bootsDo whatever you want28.4%

The Most LOVE Canadian Slang!

1eh?Similar to ‘right’ or how about that100%
2DartsA cigarette97.7%
3Jesus MurphySimilar to ‘right’ or ‘how about that95.3%
4Two-fourCase of 24 beers93.8%
5Out for a ripGoing out for a drive or hanging out with friends93.0%
6The PegNickname for the city of Winnipeg90.9%
7Molson musclePotbelly or beer belly90.7%
8SnowbirdsCanadians who head south during winter to escape the cold90.1%
9Nize itA way to tell someone to be quiet or stop talking88.3%
10KeenerNerd or someone who is super keen for something87.3%