The Celebrity Features We Want The Most

Who wouldn’t want JLo’s Butt!

A new study discovered which celebrities have the most influence over the nation’s looks.  We all wish we could look like someone else in some way shape or form.  Remember when women went out and styled their hair in the ’90s to look like Jennifer Aniston’s?  Or in the 80s when people looked like Madonna! Celebrities have been influencing the way we look since way before “influencers” became a thing…



The stats show that the two ideal body features we’d like to have included Jennifer Aniston’s arms and shoulders for women and Tom Cruise’s eyes for men.

And following her recent return to the spotlight, Adele came in second place for the most wanted eyes and third place for hair.

Adele's new album "30"

UK men and women both agree that their look inspirations come from Kat Middleton and Cristiano Ronaldo.



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Eyes: Angelina Jolie

Nose: Kate Middleton

Bum: JLO

Abs/stomach: Davina McCall

Skin tone/texture: Cheryl Cole

Lips and chin: Michelle Keegan

Legs: Kate Middleton

Hair: Kate Middleton

Shoulders and arms: Jennifer Aniston

Breasts: Michelle Keegan



Eyes: Tom Cruise

Nose: Leonardo DiCaprio

Bum: David Beckham

Abs: Cristiano Ronaldo

Skin texture: George Clooney

Lips: Brad Pitt

Chin: Cristiano Ronaldo

Legs: Cristiano Ronaldo

Hair: Brad Pitt

Shoulders and arms: Cristiano Ronaldo