Adam Sandler Is Now A Fashion Icon As He Is Google’s Top Trending Celebrity Style Star In 2021


Who is 2021’s top fashion influencer?  The coveted title belongs to none other than Adam Sandler.




Sandler’s unique fashion sense has put him in the top spot on Google’s 2021 top “celebrity outfits” list believe it or not!


The 55-year-old was the top searched celebrity when it came to fashion, beating out the likes of Harry Styles and Britney Spears. He also trumped other style icons, including Melania Trump, Cher, Doja Cat, and Lizzo.




The “Happy Gilmore” actor often goes viral for rocking basketball shorts with oversized and untucked shirts or polos. He tends to pair the go-to look with sneakers or high-rise socks. He’s also a huge fan of UGG boots.


That authentic look has already inspired the hashtag #Sandlercore on TikTok that features over 300,000 videos, according to FOX.



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And it isn’t just everyday fans that are gunning to copy the comedian’s fit.  His carefree approach to fashion has even inspired other celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Jonah Hill, and Larry David, as part of a trend The Guardian dubs “slob-ebrities.”

Pete Davidson even reportedly named the comedian his favourite fashion icon in 2020.  FOX also notes that Sandler’s style is inspiring “spirit” day/week looks at schools.



Sandler’s disinterest in fashion has made him one of the most interesting fashion icons of the year.