The CNE Announces Its Concert Lineup!

Let's go to the Ex!

After two years of no Ex, the city is ready to bring back the fun in a big way! The CNE released its list of entertainers performing on the Bandshell stage!

Whether you’re into rock anthems, pop singalongs, or country ballads, there’s something for all attendees to enjoy at Exhibition Place.

The fun kicks off August 19th with a comedy night featuring Howie Mandel, alongside standup greats Ali Hassan, Nour Hadidi, Neil Seguin, and Courtney Gilmour.

Musical artists include Gordon Lightfoot, Marianas Trench, Jocelyn Alice, Hawksley workman, Glass Tiger, Johnny Reid, David Wilcox and more…

CNE 2022 Bandshell Stage Lineup!

  • Friday, August 19 – Comedy Night featuring Howie Mandel, Ali Hassan, Nour Hadidi, Neil Seguin, Courtney Gilmour
  • Saturday, August 20 – Bruce Cockburn with Hawksley Workman
  • Sunday, August 21 – Marianas Trench with Jocelyn Alice
  • Monday, August 22 – DSL Dire Straits Legacy with Jake Clemons
  • Tuesday, August 23 – Iskwē and Monowhales
  • Wednesday, August 24 – Third World with Jay Douglas
  • Thursday, August 25 – JJ Wilde with Command Sisters
  • Friday, August 26 – Grandson with Elko
  • Saturday, August 27 – Johnny Reid with Five Roses
  • Sunday, August 28 – Glass Tiger with The Spoons
  • Monday, August 29 – Lighthouse with Altameda
  • Tuesday, August 30 – David Wilcox with Connor Gains
  • Wednesday, August 31 – Anslem Douglas with Eddie Bullen
  • Thursday, September 1 – Bryce Vine with Shawnee Kish
  • Friday, September 2 – Busty and The Bass
  • Saturday, September 3 – Gordon Lightfoot with The Good Brothers
  • Sunday, September 4 – Tom Cochrane with Kasador
  • Monday, September 5 – Labour Day, no concert