The Cost OF A Good Date

Consider it an investment!

According to a new survey of singles, the average person has gone on $3,025.12 with of dates in the past year!

This recent survey looked at the average person and the cost of dating and relations over the past year.

The average person has gone on 8 dates in the past six months with each date costing about $189…

This lines up with what respondents estimate a good date should cost: $196, but one in eight expect to spend even more, at least $300, on each date night.

Results showed that men have higher expectations, believing that good dates cost about $220, while the average woman believes a good date costs $170.

Men are more likely to be the ones who usually sponsor dates (54%) compared to just 12% of women.

Relationship costs don’t just stop at date nights. The average person has spent nearly $360 on gifts for their partner within the past year, with one in five saying they’ve spent upwards of $500.

Men averaged higher expenses on gifts for their partner ($430) while women spent a little less, averaging $272.

With this information, 37% see themselves going on fewer dates within the next year because of the economy and 60% will budget how much they’ll spend on relationships overall.