The Cost Of Food Is Going Up!

Have you noticed?

According to the Annual Canadian Food Price Report, the average family of four in Canada can expect to spend $966 more on food next year, which is just a few weeks away.



The report projects that in 2022 the average family of four will spend up to $14,767 on food which is an increase of five to seven percent!



Projections for 2022


  • Dairy products are expected to cost between six and eight percent more.
  • The price of bakery goods is expected to increase by five to seven percent.
  • Vegetables are forecast to cost five to seven percent more.
  • Fruits are expected to cost three to five percent more.
  • Meat and seafood are projected to cost up to two percent more.



It will also cost Canadians more to eat out, with prices at restaurants expected to increase by six to eight percent in 2022.



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Growing up to save money, my dad would make pasta Fagioli a lot!  While I joke about it, it’s a good dish, fairly healthy and cost-effective!



Right now you can get a package of Romano Beans at Walmart for $2.99 and a big package of pasta for $1.27.  A jar of strained Tomatoes is $1.97.  The entire dish is under $10 and can feed a family of four a meal or two.