The Drunkest Countries In The World, According To A New Survey!

How did Canada rank?

It’s official, Australians are the heaviest drinkers on the planet!



Organizers from the Global Drug Survey asked more than 32,000 people from 22 different countries to monitor their alcohol consumption in 2020 in order to obtain a snapshot of global drinking habits.



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Participants from Australia got drunk an average of 27 times over the course of the year — almost double the global average, which was 15.



On average, Aussies drank two nights per week but only became heavily intoxicated about once every two weeks.



The survey also found that Australian women got smashed more than men!


As for the rest of the world! 


The Global Drug Survey found Denmark and Finland were tied as the second-drunkest countries, with participants getting intoxicated an average of 24 times a year.



The USA comes in third place for the drunkest countries, followed by the UK! Canada gets an honourable 5th place ranking!



Canadians will get drunk on average 22 times per year!