Your Drinks May Change In A Post Pandemic World

Better safe than sorry!

Fruit garnishes like lemon and lime wedges are known for being a hidden source of bacteria, and now, bars may just get rid of them or make them available by request only.

A new survey found that of those asked, 46% of people want their drinks garnished upon request only.  A quarter of people said that they want their garnish served on the side, while 29% said no more garnish, please.

Fruit garnishes have had a bad rap for being a source of bacteria, now mix that in with the coronavirus, and you’ll find that people’s opinions have changed.

Several studies have found lemon wedges in drinks can be contaminated with microorganisms that cause illness and disease. These germs can come from people handling them who don’t wash their hands well or from tools used to cut or serve them that are not properly cleaned.