The Formula For The Perfect French Fry

Fries at the best!

Whether it’s dipped in ketchup or accompanied by a burger, is there anything better than the humble French fry?


Bigger doesn’t mean better, as people have voted that the perfect fry is perfectly golden and two inches long with a crispy edge.


Although, perhaps unsurprisingly, the study of 2,000 adults found that the ideal French fry should be fluffy on the inside, but crispy on the outside.


The research also dug into the specifics of the people’s French fry eating habits. In terms of condiments, more than (53%) name ketchup as the perfect dip, while 31% prefer mayo as their sauce of choice.

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Chunky chips are also the most popular option (at 43%), while 22% typically choose skinny ones and 5% opt for a wedge.


As for the meals themselves, people like to eat fries with fish, burgers and steak – while curry sauce, grated cheese and gravy were named the top toppings.

According to the One Poll study, Friday night is the most popular time to consume fries – but 27% of people would happily eat them every day of the week.