The Hazards of Christmas!

You better watch out!

From the Omicron, Flu and hangovers, there’s a long list of dangers you should be aware of to avoid spending your holiday in hospital…


Fun fact: December-pre-covid has always been the busiest time for the ER.


On average, more than 6,000 people will end up in hospital on Christmas Day itself and by the time Christmas Eve shows up, more than 80,000 people will have some sort of Christmas-related accident.



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Here are the things you should look out for this Holiday season:


Bossy relatives!
When your in-laws start casting a critical eye over your Christmas preparations, use a psychological technique called ‘deflection’


Boozy Guests!
Alcohol combined with the noise and chaos of Christmas are a potentially lethal mix, so if you’re concerned about one of your guests overdoing it on the sherry.


Chaotic Kids!
It’s no surprise that almost two-thirds of Christmas accidents involve children, wired on a mixture of present-induced excitement, fatigue and chocolate.  Send them Outside!

According to a recent survey by Rescue Remedy, a quarter of us finds Christmas more stressful than getting married, with cooking Christmas dinner topping the list.


More than 35,000 children under 15 go to emergency after an accident involving a toy each year.


Packing in over 5,000 calories each on Christmas Day, no wonder so many of us need a lie down to settle our stomachs.


Christmas Lights!
Nobody needs an electric shock to light-up Christmas!


There will be our 1,000 injuries related to Christmas trees every year!


Between boiling-hot saucepans and over-related injuries- cooking is dangerous!


Watch your step!


Food Prep!
Over 80 percent of people mistakenly wash their turkeys before cooking, the Food Standards Agency says, increasing the risk of food poisoning as harmful bacteria can splash from raw meat onto work surfaces. “It’s simply not possible to wash off the harmful bacteria – the only way to kill it is by cooking the bird thoroughly.


If you spot it coming- you’re halfway there!