Josh Ramsay, Marianas Trench Lead Singer, Releasing a Solo Album

The Josh Ramsay Show is coming soon!

Over the last few month,  Josh Ramsay has been teasing new music. (check out the Instagram post below from May)



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Even though he never mentioned Marianas Trench, many fans thought he was referring to a new album from the band which includes Matt, Ian and Mike. However, the new album is a solo project. Josh responded to a fan’s query saying “This is what I did during the full quarantine lockdown when no one saw anyone else. I spent a year writing, playing all the instruments, and recording, by myself”.


Josh explains, “My goal was to try and do as many genres as possible, so it feels kind of like a variety show. I see it as my ‘calling card’ – not just as a songwriter, but as a producer and arranger.” The album is titled The Josh Ramsay Show. It is an exploration of musical styles featuring collaborations with a wide range of Canadian singers from across the musical spectrum that rings in at 18 tracks in all. Called “a love letter to music as a whole”, it will feature guests Chad Kroeger, Dallas Smith, Fefe Dobson, Ria Mae, Serena Ryder, Tyler Shaw , Fionn, Sara Ramsay, and DJ Sharkpocalypse.

The Josh Ramsay Show is coming “soon”.