The Kinkiest City In Canada

Oh my!

Lions Bay, B.C. has been named the kinkiest city in the country according to Lovehoney Canada which is an online retailer of adult novelty products. 



The company has an interactive sex map that includes almost 2,000 towns across our great nation that uncovers the steamiest secrets, based on sexual desire, fantasies, and favourite toys!



The company determined this based on sales when the pandemic hit back in March 2020 to April of this year.



The company’s global brand director, Helen Balmer, said in a recent press release-  The findings revealed that pleasure is “never a ‘one-size fits all approach,” and the data revealed that fantasies and preferences vary widely from coast-to-coast.



Fantasies and desires around the country include:


-In Montreal, “French Maids and Butlers” role-playing is a big thing!  But that doesn’t mean the entire province knows where it’s at.  Quebec is the least kinky of the provinces.


B.C. is the kinkiest!


Toronto is where most of the male adult toys are sold!


Calgary loves their couple’s play.  Meaning toys that couples can play with together! (They are the best sharers) 


And in Barrie Ontario, the kinkiest thing we’re known for is leaving our tank tops on in case the kids walk in!